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Calle De La Casseleria, 5324
Castello, Venezia, Italia
+39 (041) 476-2876

    Carnival of Venice 2018

    During the Venice Carnival, the city's beauty and ambience go up a notch, and it becomes even more spellbinding. The Venice Carnival is a one of a kind event where the city quite literally bursts into life – with visitors traveling from all over the world to attend and experience this exquisite event. This coming year, the Carnival will run from January 27th until February 13th 2018.

    Where you can eat our Fresh Pasta?

    Yes, we know it's more convenient to eat sitting at the table, but we want to offer you an alternative. For those who do not have much time, we propose a very effective method. Eat our fresh pasta while visiting the wonderful Venice!

    Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go is opening first-ever Toronto location

    The Venetian eatery, Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go is opening its first-ever North American location right here in Toronto on 605 Yonge Street north of Wellesley.

    How to Make Homemade Pasta

    Make like an Italian grandma and create fresh pasta in your own cucina.
    Although more involved than tossing a handful of dried pasta into a pot of boiling water, you don't need fancy equipment or hours of free time to make fresh pasta.